Do you respect/appreciate an ex-boyfriend?

My ex-girlfriend and I dated for a few years, but we recently broke up on good terms. She told me that long-distance was taking its toll on her (it was on me too) and that she needed time to figure out her future. She also said that our relationship made her into a secure, confident woman, and that she had never been able to experience that feeling on her own. It was very hard for me to accept the breakup, but I agreed to give her space and I have not contacted her. During our relationship, we were best friends and we spent almost every day together. We were also loyal to each other, had good communication, and overall had a mature, healthy relationship. She frequently told me that I was the best thing to ever happen to her. When she broke up with me, I told her that I wanted all the best things for her. I would say that, out of love, I gave her what she asked for (space). I just want to know a few things, from a woman’s perspective. Girls, is there a man in your past that you really respect, what made you respect him before/during/after the breakup, and would you ever pursue him? Ideally you could answer this as the one who initiated the breakup. How did it work out?


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  • I'm sorry but I don't respect my ex. Especially after him realllyyyy hurting me. I don't like opening up to people and I did with him. I thought I really had someone who was there for me and vice versa. He's a coward and I hope he feels just as shitty as he made me feel. lol.


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  • Both Genders Sometimes Tend To Appreciate Their Ex More When They Are Completely Out Of There Lives Or When That New Boyfriend/Girlfriend Is Worst...


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  • I wish my ex well, I don't harbor a grudge to him, however my current relationship has made me realize how much better a girl can be treated than he treated me. I'm glad, very glad, we're not together anymore.


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