Girl still loves me romantically but doesn't know who she is or what she wants, what should I do?

I've been in a relationship for two and a half years and livening together for 1 year. Like all relationships we've had our ups and downs i. e disagreements, arguments and long distance. Recently, we've been going through a rough patch where she's voiced her concerns about us going forward as a couple and has had doubts about us in the long term. Mainly due to the fact that she feels like her needs for a fulfilling relationship have not been met. At this point in her life (27 years old) she doesn't know who she is or where she wants to end up, and one of the main reasons why she's having doubts going forward is that she feels like she's not being heard or taken seriously. She's asked me to move out and I will l but everytime the subject comes up she's conflicted because she doesn't want us to split up but thinks she needs the space so that she can figure herself out. We've talked about it a million times but we've agreed to stick to our decisions as a means of finding out if there's any hope for us in the future.

Can anyone please offer any insight and/or any advice on any steps moving forward?



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  • I think that she needs time for herself. Maybe she needs to find herself you know? Just be there for her and let her know that you're right by her side :)

    • I feel something's going on but she won't say and I don't want to pry it out of her right now,... I think she was talking to another guy while we were dating

    • oooo Thank you!:)

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