Why does she call me? Need a woman's point of view?

Me and my ex were together for 3 years lived together for 2. We broke up over a huge fight. It's been six months now and a month ago she told me was gonna date a old high school friend. I went NC she called 3 days later saying she didn't want to lose me and that she didn't want her to be nothing to me ad began crying. I said I would try to be her friend. I went back to NC she called a week later to say she loved me but is hurt from the break up and that she knows she played a role and was sorry for the way she treated me and that she never cheated. I went back to NC two weeks later she called and said that "checking up on you" I said I was fine and said I was ok" I keep the convo under 2 min. She sent a text "was it bad that I called you?" I replied "do you care about me?" She said "I DO CARE" I asked does she have romantic feelings for me? She replied "I'm not ready to admit that" I said true love doesn't fade she replied "I know trust me" I asked if she loved her new bf she said "NO!" Why is she calling me and texting knowing I still love her and want to be with her but she has a bf. She also said that she said"I care about someone (me) that I don't think I can be with" I live in Cali she lives in GA but I'm moving back in a few months... Ladies what does she want? How do I get her to say what she wants"


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  • Ask her what she wants! Just plain out "What do you want to happen between us & our relationship?"

    It sounds like she wants to get back together & her bf is just a rebound or someone to" pass the time" with.


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  • Whatever she says to you is irrelevant, because she's dating the other guy and simultaneously behaving this way with you too. She may not mean to do it, but she's just taking both you and the other guy for a ride. She has to choose one, and that's it.

    Or else, she is till not ready to let you go because its still the early days of her other relationship, and she wants to keep you as a 'backup' in case it doesn't go so well with the other guy. Once her relationship with him stabilizes or reaches a certain point, she's probably going to let you go for good. But if it fails, she may come running back to you.


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