Get back with an ex?

is there anything that i can do that might change his mind? for the first year we were just fwb. than he asked me to be his girlfriend. we dated for about ten months and he called it quits. he said "i dont feel the spark. if i dont love you now i dont think i ever will" in my opinion i think that he is giving up. i believe that we could have worked. is there anything that would "help" bring him back and care for me again like he once did?


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  • I think you can win him back but the reason possibly be that he doesn't think you can live without him.
    A guy wants to feel as much anticipation for a girl as much as a girl wants anticipation for a guy.
    If you don't make things seem exciting then things will never work.
    Start by figuring how to have fun even though he is gone.
    It is ok to think about him but don't make it obvious.
    Make it seem like you are having the time of your life and look like things are successful with yourself.
    If you guys are meant to be then it is meant to be.
    If it's not meant to be and you have not made him a number 1 priority after a break up then you won't get back together and it won't matter because well... it wasn't meant to be.
    You know what I'm Saying?


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