Ex-boyfriend is being very confusing, sending mixed signals... I can't understand what he's thinking?

So, my ex-boyfriend and I broke up roughly 3 weeks ago. We go to the same school and hence see each other VERY often. At first, he told me he wants to be friends later down the line, but for now he needs space until he feels back to normal (btw, the breakup was more or less mutual – we both still had feelings for each other, it just wasn't working out in simplest terms). He was very genuine about his want for friendship. Now he tells me that he isn't sure whether or not he wants to be friends just yet. However, he acts so casual and chill around/with me in class (we share 3 classes together), as if we never even dated and I'm just a person in the room he's passing conversation with. So... i'm very confused. At first he says he wants to be friends but needs space until that happens (which makes sense to me), and now he's telling me he isn't sure yet if he wants to be friends or not (also, this was over text, and eventually he stopped responding because I was "stressing him out" and in general he wasn't thinking about all this stuff). He even said that if I ask him again about friendship, he'll grow more confused. But like I said, he acts 100% normal and happy and great at school, even while around me, so I don't really know what's going on in his head. Has he already moved on if he's capable of acting so casual with/around me? why is he suddenly confused about whether or not he wants friendship?
Also, just a side note, he doesn't initiate conversation with me in class. If I happen to say something to a group of people, he pitches in and acts nice/normal about everything. We sometimes make eye contact.


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  • Men are very very difficult to read. I can never figure out what they truly feel because they seem to say one thing and then act a completely different way. I think he is very confused about how he feels. He seems to want you in his life, but maybe he is also trying to guard his feelings (you said you both still had feelings for each other when you broke up, so there is a high possibility he still hurts). I find that men tend to guard themselves a lot more than women - even if showing their feelings would be beneficial. I had a similar situation this summer, it was awful. Being around them gives you hope, and then they squash it with things they say and their distance from you - it's the worst.

    I hope that after some time passes you guys can hash it out and try and be friends, get back together, or move on with a clean slate. All the best. (Basically every question I ask on here is about guy's acting like total morons, because they always switch opinions it seems.)


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