Should I just block my ex or confront him first?

So me and my ex are to be supposed best friends since our breakup a little over four months ago. It's been good most of the time with the exception of some rough patches especially right now which I'm about ready to cut him off completely. He's benefiting from the whole situation while I benefit from nothing. I know he intentionally doesn't want to talk to me and never wants to hang out anymore. I know I don't deserve the treatment he's giving me. I'm even down to #2 on his snapchat best friends list for the first time in a year and two months. Actually I'm planning on cutting him off but I'm not sure whether to delete his number, snapchat and Facebook first or confront him first. Personally if I was the one getting cut off, I would at least want a reason but everything he's put me through I'm not sure if he deserves one. But it's really a shame because while we dated we became the best of friends because of how much we had a connection with each other. We never fought or anything until after we broke up. What should I do?


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  • Well just treat him like you would want to be treated don't sink to his level tell him what you are going to do and do it, Its hard to be friends with exs it rarely works out right because you both went through a break up together. it took me years to actually talk to one of my exs like a human and not a person who broke my heart/ led me on. Maybe give it more time and don't expect to receive anything from him, because breakups are hard on both sides of relationships.

  • Confront him and put all the cards on the table. How would you like it to be left hanging like that?
    It allows him to easier see any mistakes and hopefully improve, and it lets you get a final and clear ending.

    IT might be tricky, but a clean ending is better than just cutting all contact


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