What is the best way to let a person down easy?

Okay, so this happened about a week or so ago. We are a few friends that go out together to one of the local pubs just outside of town and over the course of a few months we have had some wild times and meeting the bar owners son that fitted into the group easily.

So I have been single for a few months now but by choice, I am not ready to commitment yet. So in these few wild nights that consisted of body shots and stripping and lap dances. There has been meaningless flirting involved.

The bar owner's son send me a message after the 3de time we partied together.

The message content as follows.

Hey sorry to bother you at this time of the night but I just wanted to say that I like you and I know you are perfect like no other. I fell in love with you the second you danced with the strip pole so seductively and I believe we are meant to be. But I know I am not worthy of being with you. After all I have a skin decease that makes me shy and you are perfect. I am not even a 4 and you are a 10. So I wanted to putt it out there so you would know what I am feeling. I really love you more than you would know. And I know if you find the right guy you will be happy.

Okay I haven't replied to the messages as of yet cause I don't want to be cruel to this guy or give him any ideas that there might be any hope of us being together in the future.

The skin decease is blemishes that are over most of his torso and back and arms. it is not unattractive at all but he is not the type I would ever date.


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  • How to turn him down easy? well, don't drag it out and try to "ease" your way though it. Be honest with him and tell him how you feel about it. Explain your reasons and thoughts. Don't try o explain it away, be honest.

    He'll probably be a bit bummed down at first, but if he understands and accepts there's a chance you can remain friends (been there, done that, she's my best friend now XD) after the whole ordeal.

    So yeah, just be honest with him.


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  • Be clear that he is not your type and could never feel for him. Make it clear that it not him but also be clear


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  • There's no way to do it without hurting him somewhat, but you can lessen the pain if you make it clear that it's never going to happen. Just tell him that you don't see a future with him - incompatible.
    I have been in his situation and he's obviously insecure about the skin condition (I am in a similar situation), I would recommend not mentioning it, as anything you say would make it seem like you're overcompensating.


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