I'm not sure that I'm heartbreaking or not but I'm suffering from something different and uncomfortable with me cuz of that case?

In this month, there is a student annual party at my English school. At that party, all of the students have to do something-singing, performance or model show. For this purpose, my class and a boy from another class make a singing and performance. This boy is a little friendly with me because we met at the small party of school and when our school went a trip. And in this performance, there's also a couple dance. He and I have to dance together. And all of us know that he likes a girl from our class but this girl doesn't include in this performance. Actually, he doesn't like that girl-this's a humor. He likes a girl from the performance but we didn't know who this is. But today, we knew the one whom he likes. When I knew it, I felt sorry and felt something different and uncomfortable with me. Is it heartbreaking? Am I loving him? I'm not sure. The surest thing is I'm feeling something bad since I knew this case. Pls share your opinions.


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  • I don't think it's a heartbreak. But you are disappointed. You had hopes that something may happen between you, but it didn't. You will soon get over it.

    • Sure, I'm ok now. And I'm very lucky because I don't love him. I think so. Yes, I did have hopes something romantic between us and when it didn't happen, I was really disappointed. Not heartbreaking. So, I think I'm lucky.

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