Do I have a chance? Will she contact me?

Me and my girl dated a year and a half I love her to death annd she loves me but things got rocky and she broke it of we went back and for I begged and she said she could see I changed but couldn't do it right now. We both agreed to not talk for awhile. Will she get in contact with me?
We'll that's what I'm doing right now with no contact is moving on, just would like to know if she would ever contact me again
Oo and I might add she would tell me if it's god plan then maybe we would work it out and somtime after when I said yeah we'll never get together again so got pissed


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  • I guess someday. . she may just need time and in mean while u can prove to her that u changed


What Guys Said 1

  • Doubtful. Best just to move on, she probably already has.


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