How can I get my ex boyfriend off my mind?

He is going through a difficult time at the moment that he has spoken to me about. Recently he was in an accident as well and I find myself feeling the way he is feeling.

It saddens me to see him like this because I know the effect it has on him.

Every night when I try to sleep, My heart races when I think about him and my chest pains. I continuously just think about him (not us) just about him in general.

He is fuelled with anger lately and eventually calmed down while speaking to me. He went off on a tangent saying he wants to be alone, he needs no friends etc etc.

How do I get him out of my head? and do people really want to be alone all the time?


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  • the best thing to do would be leave him alone but in your situation he just got into a accident he can only talk to you therefore you being there and taking care of him and checking up on him will show a guy a lot and if you still have feelings for him and wanting to get back together i would show him you care even if that means showing up at his house with lunch and talking to him that would be sweet on your part even if your distance sending a get well card in the mail all that stuff shows him he is loved and care about even threw stuff like this if you want him to be there for you threw the bad times then doing this will show him a lot trust me because guys feel like they aren't good enough or feel alone to and some can be stubborn but sticking it out and being there is the right thing to do if he wanted you to leave him alone he would of blocked u and not explain to you anything thats going wrong he's probably gonna be stubborn and upset he got into a accident and probably hates depending on other people men like to do a lot for themselves and hate staying in one place so if he's in the hospital or laying in bed i can see why he's angry


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