Money women and Gold Women Ever feel like this?

There a lot of women as great as the feeling as having money.
And then there's the women as great as gold.
We tend to take them both for granted and how valuable they are.
The Gold women after they are spent foolishly you may never get back.
You can only dream about what you once had because it's such a rare thing to have.
You have to move on and never do what you did again because there is more riches out there.

But the riches of gaining of course is just not as great as the GOLD! ;)


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  • I like this. If all men could think that way, and women in return see men as diamond men or money men or something, relationships would last a lot longer, and there would be a lot less messed up people as a result of bad relationships or zero respect for their partners.

    • Well thank you.
      I have good parents who I admire that have stayed together thick and thin even at there roughest times.
      My dad especially is theist loving and caring person in the world and it's not a lie.
      I somewhat am the man he is but to have his patience and a moms as well would be great and honorable to have.
      I know that it is there but the way the world is thinking and becoming, the loyalty can be quite difficult.

    • That is so nice. I do always think a person is the result of their parents, so it makes sense that they are lovely people and you have this way of thinking. Lovely people are rare, and so is your way of thinking.
      I agree with you on the loyalty thing to. I saw a pic the other day that said "I'm stuck in a generation where loyalty is nothing but a tattoo" and that really is how it's getting.

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