Guys: Does he still love me or is he just being nice?

This guy and I broke up because he wanted to get clean from drugs. We were moving in together and had a relatively strong bond. We dated a year then became official 8 months ago. Few weeks later, I heard a rumor he hooked up with someone else so I asked for my stuff back. He got seemed paranoid and accused me of turning everyone against him by talking sh*t like he's a Jerk, never cared for me, etc, then I explained the rumors came from one of our friends ("D"). My ex was angry but admitted, "after we broke up, I thought about you a lot. I love you like a friend. It isn't your fault, you were great to me. It's my fault. It's the drugs. Don't blame yourself. What D said to you was a lie just to sleep with you." Next day, he goes back to yelling at me. I figure it's the drugs talking so I stopped talking to him.

A week and a half later, he called and told mere was 3 days clean; he overdosed and was surprised he was alive, which is why he wants to finally quit. He also said he didn't mean to get so mad at me that day we fought, coz he was just struggling with his habit and work and other personal issues. A few days later, he invited me and some friends out. We met up and I noticed that the bracelet I gave him was still on the steering wheel and a figurine I made was still on the dash of his truck. At his house he gave details of his overdose. I was going to cry so hugged me tightly for a long time and when he pulled away he held my hands and gave me a sad smile. I was confused because I thought he just loved me as a friend but the vibes were off. The painting I made for Valentine's day was still framed above his bed and my love notes were tossed off into the corner. My clothes and shoes were still there. He seemed like himself again, not like the addict I've been dealing with. When I said I thought he hated me he seemed offended and said, "it's the complete opposite, I love... I was going through a hard time."

So really, what the heck is going on?


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  • It is obvious he still likes you and was stupid enough to friendzone you when he still likes you. The I love thing was him going to say, "I love you" but getting nervous after realising he friendzoned you.

    • That's what I thought, but he's liking the girl he supposedly hooked up with's fb pictures and I know he's talking to her. They've been texting. And she's gorgeous and a junkie, and I'm just confused.

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    • Message me if you need someone to chat with or for me to assist you further x.

    • Thanks, I will :)

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