Am I still in love with my ex?

I broke up with this guy (who was also my classmate) around 4 months ago becaise i thought we were not just compatible... after that i tried to move on and tried to see very little of him... but these days everything is not going on well... he has staarted talking to other girls a lot and especially my best friend... i m getting furious about this... i m not getting what kind of feeling is this... is love the reason behind this jealousy?


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  • Jealousy Is A Sign Of Somebody Still Having Feelings For Another Person. Your Just Not Over Him, For You It Seems Like It May Take Longer To Get Over Him, Try Talking To Other Guys & Hanging Out. Just Live Your Life & Ignore What He Is Doing...

    • Well i hv tried it but still i felt the same...

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  • Love doesn't go away over night if you truly loved someone. One day at a time it gets easier

    • What should i do exactly to get over him?

    • Its hard and I struggle everyday with it but you have to end all contact love yourself enough to know that someone better is waiting for you and just move on.

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  • No offense, but you dumped him. So now you have to smile while you eat that shit sandwich watching him with other girls. Learn from that mistake.

    • I guess u r right... i broke up with him so i hv no ri8 to get furious at him...

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