Broke up for 5 months and I still cling to hope?

Me & my ex of nearly 2 years broke up after a heated argument when I decided I had enough and just left, next day I regretted straight away and was ringing sayin sorry i didn mean it can we talk long story short it was over for him he didn want anything more to do with me. I got on with it best I could, yes rang him a few times drunk to get no answer. Iv quit the whole drunk phoning, kept what dignity I had left and tried to put him to the back of my mind but he's always in my thoughts wondering where it went wrong, I still feel I'm clinging to to hope that he will come to his senses and realise he wants me. Even though Iv heard from a friend he wants a relationship with another woman and they have gone on holiday together. But yet that hasn even stop me living in hope. I no deep down ther is no going back, but I don't know what to do to get him out of my head, iv tried dating websites even went on a few dates, nights out, nights in, cinema, even booked a flight to Australia one way and leave in 6 months! I feel like I'm going crazy! And hve no idea how to get over him!!


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  • You're never going to get over him if you keep obsessing. YOU dumped him. So it was a mistake? Well, now you have to live with it and learn not to repeat it. Start focusing your attention elsewhere with other guys.

  • Its Hard Now But It's The Choice You Made & Might Have To Live With It Forever, You Have To Try & Occupy Yourself With Something, Life Moves On No Matter What, Just Try & Stay Positive...


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