Florida DCF is not thorough and is dropping the ball?

first my ex and i do not have a custody agreement in place. and there is nothing in the courts saying he couldnt have or see them in his residence.

now recently my ex had the kids in florida with him and while he had the kids he got in trouble.. Majorly!! he has a record as long as my arm and dcf knew this. but never said that he wasn't allowed to see or have the kids even though i told them on numerous accounts he shouldnt. legally i could not keep the kids from him.

because i live in maine i did not know the condition in which his home was or what he was doing. i recieved a call for florida DCF stating they had the girls in custody and there will be a hearing.

through this whole thing over this past 2 weeks the dcf worker is not only NOT co operating with me but she has her words all mixed up.

i talked to my kids on Sunday the foster parent told me the kids had lice and she was caring for it on a regular basis.

then i talked to the dcf worker today and she tells me she checks on the kids every week then goes on to tell me they are doing good and that when they got them they were in perfect health no lice or rashes.

i then turned and said well thats not what the foster mother told me just sunday, she said they did have lice. all she said was hmm ill have to look into that.

then i ask her about getting to attend the hearing on the phone and she told me the judge never does that. i told her that on the laws and my rights website they have to allow me to attend by phone, she then callled me 2 days later and said i was lucky cause the judge will allow me to do it over the phone.

then she keeps telling me she dont know me from a hole in the wall and that the judge will never give me custody over the phone. so i said send a case worker here to do an ICPC test (kinship test) and she tells me she won't ask for that cause it takes too long. are you serious?

somthing is not right here, and im getting concerned,
by the way i dont have a record.
i work a full time job
i have a large house for them
i dont do drugs

and i make decent money.

why won't she even co operate and consider me and investigate me for their placement with their own mother?
oh and another thing even though i told them perviously that he shouldn't have the kids and they still allowed it. now they are questioning my judgement on letting him see the kids... its a double standard.
Just updating the situation. I went to court they were trying to charge ME with child neglect and they didn't succeed I WON! my kids are currently living woth me and have been since easter!!!


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  • Sounds Like A Crazy Situation, Whatever You Do Just Keep Fighting & Dont Give Up, Keep Showing Them You Are A Mom Who Is Very Invested In Your Children, A Lot Of People Say Florida Is A Crazy State, Just Try & Stay Positive...


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  • I live in Florida. Florida dcf isn't gonna make it easy for you. They will do anything they can to keep your kids away from you. Try your best to prove to the court that you're a good mother. It's going to take a lot of work.


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  • Take it from someone who lived in florida all his life, florida dcf is really fucking evil.


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