If I do something thoughtful for a man that's I'm hoping to be back in good terms with, will he appreciate it or just see it as a desperate move?

He is in his early 30s and I'm trying to get back in a good place with him, basically he won't talk to me bc he thinks I'm immature (I messed up by drunk texting me one night I got upset and yeah I apologized a lot), anyway so his birthday is coming up in about 2 months and I was already thinking of doing this before he broke it off, I was going to bake him a cheesecake, which apparently is his fave thing ever (he told me so! And was delighted by the fact that I can bake it) but instead I'm going to get him a birthday certificate to a really great bakery and email it to him.. ( we don't see each other in person, taking online grad class together) and I'm not about to show up at his place bc seriously that's just not right.

I'm giving him space and do not plan to contact him until his bday in 8 weeks, is this considered thoughtful or too much? I clearly really like the guy and also feel bad bc I'm the one who messed things up by acting crazy :( and I'm not even like that, just bad night. Other thought was to get him tickets to watch his fave college team play a gave team of mine! We're both really into football! (We had amazing chemistry! I really miss him and want him to give me another shot. Advice guys?


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  • There Is Nothing Wrong With Contacting Him But If He Comes Off Cold & Heartless iStrongly Suggest Leaving Him Alone, You Dont Want To Annoy Him & Get On His Nerves. Dont Rush Things Or Try & Force It Back Together...

    • Thank you for your comment! I'm trying my best to give him space bit just want to show him that I really do care about him without annoying him. I hope the time apart will help, he was really into me before I messed it up.

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