How 2 be on speaking terms with ex?

well we broke up about 3 weeks ago but i see him every day and he still seems uncomfortable around me even tho he got a new gf. it was a mutual breakup so im not too upset by the rebound and i already have my eyes on someone else.

however i dont like feeling like I have lost a good friend who i have to work with and have many mutual friends with and i want to know how long i should wait and what to do to try to get on speaking/friendly terms with him? he was a great friend while we were dating and we had helped eachother a lot.
should i keep up no contact for another month and see? i also dont wanna be a problem with his new relationship.


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  • All You Can Do Is Communicate & See If He Feels The Same (As Far As Being Friends) If He doesn't Then You Have To Just Accept It & Continue Living Your Life...

  • WTF? You broke up with your ex three weeks ago and has a gf already. Anyway if he's ok with y'all just being friends than keep it that way. If not, move on. He has a new gf and it's up to you to respect that or not.

    • Yeah lol I was surprised too. I understand though because when dating he said he doesn't like being alone and sometimes will rebound to cope with his emotions and as shitty as it is, at least I see the situation from a bird's eye view. and i think he's cool with being just friends but for now its awkward and i don't know when i should start smiling or saying hi to him again

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