How to get my ex off the fence?

Broke up 5 months ago. Did the 30day no contact. When we met up to exchange our things, he asked me out to dinner and said afterwards he had a great time. We've seen each other off and on but not romantically. He responds to my texts right away and calls if something goes wrong with the text to let me know he couldn't read it. Invited me over to his house when I needed help with something. We spent a weekend at a friends for a celebration and one minute we're talking reconciliation, the next he's not ready, then he's kissing me, then he's distant and shy. He's stopped by my office when he was in the area. He's interested in joining me for a camping trip. I'm not a texting fiend maaaaybe once a week. And he's warm and responsive when I do. But him initiating contact is rare and he hasn't made any moves to date again. I know he likes me, how do I get him hot and raring to be in a relationship with me?


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  • Try Showing It More (The Fact You Want To Be In A Relationship With Him.) Communication Is Key So Try Telling Him & See How He Responds...


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