Can somebody help me understand my ex-boyfriend's behavior?

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up roughly 3 weeks ago. We go to the same high school and see each other very frequently. He was outside the country for two months over summer with his camp... during this time we were on a temporary "break" (that I did not want, but gave consent to anyway for whatever reason), and hardly spoke (if at all). He came back expressing a genuine desire to pick up where we left off and get our relationship "back into the swing of things," even though he claimed his feelings weren't as strong as they were before he left for camp. He supposedly felt like his feelings would soon come back into full swing after getting the chance to spend time with me. After a very anxious summer on my part, and two weeks of trying to make things work between us, I realized he was making me unhappy. When I told him this, he explained he doesn't feel capable of giving me what I want/deserve in a relationship. So, we broke up. We still had feelings for each other when it happened. He expressed a really sweet and genuine want to maintain friendship because I'm the "coolest girl" he knows, and that it would make him upset if he doesn't at least get to talk to me. However, he said he needed space until he feels back to normal b4 we can be friendly with one another. 3 weeks later and we don't speak at all. He acts like I don't exist majority of the time, doesn't attempt to speak to me whatsoever, and seems SUPER happy and normal and 100% at school. We share 3 classes together, and occasionally we make eye contact and he speaks to me in a nice and casual way. However, outside of class there is absolutely no communication going on between us, and in general he looks completely back to normal. The last I heard about the "friend" thing was that he's not sure yet if he wants friendship, and really wants me to give it time and stop asking. So, he's no longer sure about being friends, AND he acts great at school/doesn't speak to me at all.
I'm pretty confused?
Also, we have a class retreat this weekend. He told me he'd be nice to me during the retreat, but isn't sure how he feels about being overly friendly just yet. He expressed that if I keep asking him, he'll grow more confused about it.


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  • Just Ignore Him, You Need To Focus On Yourself & Self Heal. He Is The Type Of Guy That Flip Flops With His Emotions & Wants To Talk & Be Nice Whenever He Wants Too. He is Selfish & isn't Taking Your Feelings Into Consideration, Move On & Cut All Contact, It's For The Best...


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  • I believe you still have strong feeling towards him and you wanna stay friends because in a way you want to stay a part of his life but it's not healthy I mean in this situations you should move on with your life or try to get back together
    I don't think he's really doing that well, maybe he is just trying to look that way because he misses you but doesn't know how to behave in a relationship with you

  • Nothing to be confused about. He has probably found another girl. Even if he hasn't, the relationship is dead and you need to move on.


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