I want to completely block my ex FB profile without deactivating my account. Is this possible?

We broke up about 3 months ago. I defriended her (after she untagged herself with all the pics of us together) about 6 weeks ago. However I'm still looking at her profile everyday to see what new friends she's adding or if she makes any public posts (most are private thank god). However this is getting obsessive/compulsive on my end. I'm looking at her profile SEVERAL times a day. I'm trying to follow the no contact rule and this is one way of breaking it. Is there a way to completely block her profile with deactivating my Facebook account? Do I have to ask her to completely block me (which is confessing I'm a stalker... lol).


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  • You can block her, you won't be able to see her either.


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  • In Order To Not See Her Profile She Would Need To Block You But You Gotta Man Up & Just Stop. Looking At An Ex's Social Life Will Only Bring More Pain Cause One Day She Is Gonna Post Something Up Thats Gonna Bother You Bad !!

    • Yep I know it does me absolutely no benefit to see her FB profile. I feel like I can control her situation but it's actually doing the exact opposite.

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  • Impossible , once she knows that you've blocked her she could just open a new account and look at your stuff.
    The only way is by either setting your profile to private to everyone but your friends so no one can track you, or deactivating the account

  • You just have to learn to forget about her, there is no shortcut. Get some business about yourself.


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