Is it time to end it, or can we still make it?

Basically my boyfriend and i argue a lot and when we argue it's always either about the physical aspect of our relationship, or about faith etc. (he's not a christian, i am)
My Boyfriend has had sex with several girls previously and I'm a virgin and waiting until marriage, because of this i only want to kiss etc until I'm married. I tried changing for him and stretched my boundaries so that later in our relationship we would do manual sex and that we would sleep (clothed) together some weekends from the start of our relationship. As time went on this actually started to make me depressed as i was compromising myself and eventually i told him this. He agreed to only kiss until we get married, but from past arguments I have a feeling that he isn't happy at all with this. Is it time to acknowledge our differences and part or can we still make it?


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  • Well I give him props for SAYING he'll respect your wishes, and I give you props for standing your ground. The only thing that concerns me is he'll go out and find some on the side. If he's sexually frustrated, he probably will.

    Do you have a wedding date set? Do you have a ring? If not, then you aren't getting married. You're TALKING about getting married. It may be very easy for him to break it off once he feels he's had enough. I'd watch him for a while and see his behavior.

  • In my opinion if he truly loves you he would respect your wishes for being a virgin and wouldn't bring it up in an argument. It might be time to say goodbye.


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