Rebound or no? Any ideas please help?

My ex broke up with me 2 months ago and started talking to a guy 3 weeks after we broke up. I did no for a month and a half until we got back to school. during nc all I was told was she needed space. After we got back to school I finally say down and spoke to her and she told me she lost feelings for me and it started in March and waited till July to tell me. She asked to be friends and I said I wasn’t ready (Btw we were together almost 2years)
the last couple of days she has been a bitch by starting fights on Twitter with subliminal bullshit. And is now flat out ignoring me when she used to al least say hi and even went as far as giving me answers to test.
She has gone home the last 3 weekends probably to see this guy. Do u think it might still be a rebound?
Why is she being a bitch when she started the problems on twitter?
Any ideas?


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  • By being with this Other guy, he most likely is using him as her 'Rebound Robert,' and by starting her Routine Redrick with you now, she is trying to find a way to keep you in her life, keep you at arm's length and if this schmo doesn't work out, most likely will try and find her wailing way back into your Arms again, sweetie. Don't fall for it, nor trust her. If it isn't with someone else after him, or even a chance, along with You, she Might even juggle this clown around too, It will be another Court jester, another three ring circus and the show will always go on.
    Get away from her, move away from the past. Don't get caught up in her Drama Queen dances. These are Problem child patterns that I am seeing here, and being you are Broke up, good thing you aren't even 'Friends' now.
    She has Openly admitted where her heart lies and if she truly loved you, she would be With you, not with some newbie.
    Good luck. xx

    • .. sorry I meant to see 'She' not 'he is using'...:)) xx

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    • And from a girls perspective what do u think it will take for her to realize she screwed up? I know everyone is different but do u think the chances of a relationship with her is dead

    • Well, it's been 2 months now and being with another, she is also looking and lurking here... May be if she drops him or he her, she will then realize you were not as bad as all that... Only time will tell... xx

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  • Could be. She sounds like she has drama written all over her and I would honestly not even put any energy into it and move on. If she break things off with this guy and tries to come back to you then most likely he was just a rebound.

    • Do u think that's the case this is the 3rd weekend in a row she went to go see him

    • It's possible. 2 years is awhile to be with someone... and 3 weeks later she went on to someone else? I wouldn't put it past anyone.

  • She wants to have her cake and eat it too. She wants to see the other guy, let you know she doesn't have feelings for you yet wants you to be 'her friend'. . . Why? She's a selfish person, that's why. She isn't taking into account your feelings or where you are coming from and now that she's not getting her way (you told her no) she's pissed off about it because it's a dig on her ego. She thought she was 'special enough' that you should just want to keep her in your life even though she's being romantic with another dude. Let her go man, she is no friend to you.

    • So what do I do just ignore her... It's hard because we go to such a small school

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