Should I be patient or leave him?

My ex broke up with me about 3mths ago and since than he seems to be back and forth with me. At the beginning he had another girl and broke up with her. I know I broke his heart by not showing him enough how much I really cared. Him and I have hugged and kissed before. When we leave he kisses me on my cheek. Apart of me wants to just leave him for a while and see how much he will really miss me but I feel since he's not talking to anybody right now nows the time to show him. I don't want to seem desperate at the same time I dnt know how much distance either. What should I do? I'm so confused. Sometimes he will make a comment about how much I hurt him than when I ask.. he doesn't want to talk about it.. any of it.. so?


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  • He broke up with you. Leave and find someone better that is sure he wants to me with you.

    • He was so in love with me we had planned on getting married and it seems like he's scared of getting hurt again as much as he would miss me.. there are times I tell him I'm leaving and he will say "your not going anywhere" i told him will you miss me when I'm gone and he will say yes.. so his actions have showed me he still has some type of feelings still there.. ugh I wish he wld just give me another chance

    • You don't want him to give you another chance. Sure he has feelings for you but he already decided to leave. If he came back the reasons he left for would still be there whatever they are. It takes 2 willing partners to make a relationship.

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  • Been there done that and well, we ended that "thing" about a month ago and haven't talked since. We broke up and he told me we could still talk and he was so on and off one day, "I miss you a lot", calling me babe, all that. The next day we barely even talked and he would ignore me. It went on like this for awhile and he'd pull excuses for not talking to me and make me seem like the bad guy and he'd ignore me and basically sent me mixed signals.

    So finally after him just ignoring me for a day I had enough and finally had the strength to end it and it was definitely hard. But I was in the same place as you, I was always thinking "am I not showing I care? Does he not think I like him is this why he's being weird?"

    Well I'm gonna be honest chances are he knows you like him and it sounds like you need to move on bc it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere. I'm sorry ;/


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  • Don't waste your time with him.


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  • Don't be quitters! There are to many people that love each other these days and just because one is mad or feels bad they just give up. Talk about it, work it out but don't throw something away that you both love!


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