Can a person date someone while being in love with someone else? My ex contacted me while talking to someone else?

An ex broke up with me after 4 years due to her insecurities. Then started dating someone else within a month. 7 months later I start dating someone. My ex comes out of no where and said she's always been watching my social media and missing me. After thinking about it I couldn't do it. Even though I was her first for everything I wasn't going to break up with my new girl for her. So she then ran back to the guy she was with. Why even ask for an ex back when you're with someone already?


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  • That happens, trust me, I've been in your situation before. She broke up with you after 4 years and now she contacts you because you moved on. Almost always, an ex will try and contact someone once they have moved on, even if he/she has a boyfriend/girlfriend. I can guarantee you she's jealous of your new girlfriend and or realized she messed up by breaking up with you. I wouldn't suggest going back to her, but if you do, see if she genuinely wants you back or she's just jealous.


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