Without asking my ex gave me his number?

I reached out to my ex via Facebook and we talked for hours and then he suddenly said" here's my number just text me if you want"?
*does He actually want me to text him or could he had said that to not sound mean? We did end in bad terms when we broke up and he said he never wanted to see me and each of us to go our separate ways. Months after he started liking on instagram everything would post. Then he even followed me in my car once to see where i was headed when i was in his neighborhood. About 3 weeks ago he put up a song on Facebook and i 'liked it" and 2 weeks after i put up the following lyrics up and he also "liked" it. We have a long history together.
He has me confused.
*He has a lot of pride and when we were talking through Facebook i guess he accidentally liked my pic because when i sen to see the notification it didn't show what picture.
  • Seems like he just wants to be friends
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  • He still has feelings and maybe waiting for me to text him since he gave me his number
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  • Gave me his number because he was just being nice
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  • He gave you his number because he wants you to text him. End of story. It doesn't make any sense that he would do that just to be nice. If he just wanted to be nice, he'd give you a compliment or something.


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  • he still has feelings for you.


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  • What exactly are you hoping to accomplish through this?


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