Guys: is this a sign I didn't mean all that much to my ex-boyfriend?

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up almost 3 weeks ago. The breakup was more or less mutual. We still had feelings for one another when the breakup occurred.
Backtrack almost a year ago to when I first told him I had feelings for him. When this happened, he informed me that he liked me as well, but that he felt stressed about the situation because there was another girl he was very close with whom he used to date (they broke up a few months prior to my meeting him). He explained that their relationship was special to him, and that he thinks he might love her. He said that he isn't sure if they'd start dating again, but he hoped they would get back together. At the same time this was happening, he told me they recently hooked up for the first time since their breakup. Eventually he said he doesn't want a relationship at all despite liking us both (I assume this was his way of tackling the issue). Months went by and his feelings began to develop very strongly towards me... he pursued me quite obviously, and he finally asked me to be his girlfriend 4 months after we admitted our feelings for one another.
I assumed we had something very meaningful during the course of our "official" relationship. He always dedicated a lot of time towards me (btw, we are juniors at the same high school). However, he was gone all summer and when he returned we decided things weren't quite the same as before, and it was better to call it off than try to make it work. He stressed how much he wanted to be friends, but is now telling me he's no longer sure if he wants friendship. In addition, he explained that he for sure does not want to get back together in the future as it would be unhealthy. He doesn't speak to me at all at school, but acts completely fine and happy.
In comparison to how he dealt with his last girlfriend, who he DID hope to get back with and still talked to/cared about months later, does this mean I might not have meant that much to him?


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  • I hate to say it but that's exactly what it was. You were a rebound, or an alternative until he could get back with the girl he says he likes, or until he could find someone even more compatible.


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