This doesn't make sense. Help?

I was pen pals with a girl for about six months or so and he hit it off wonderfully.
At the time, my life was very complicated and she decided to hang in there anyway. She came to see me for a week and we had an amazing time. I was leaving town for school soon, and she starts telling me that this happened all too fast, and that I shouldn't be in a relationship while I'm focusing on my studies. She became distant and started talking less. I had planned to go and see her for a week as well, and after she rejected me, I told her that I wasn't coming. She went completely crazy on me!!! She left viscous voicemails, vile text messages, and has been attacking me ever since. She's called me every name in the book and has said every mean thing one could say. She jumped ship and all I did was agree. I'm seeing someone else now, and she stalks her Facebook, threatening to start problems. What is this aggressive behavior, and how do I handle it?


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  • Let's break this down from a chicks point of view. Attention seeker. Has confidence that she can get your attention with some useless drama because of her own insecurities and is betting money on it that you will just fall into that bottomless put. I say each time you see her face on the friend request page or whatever it is. You skip that shit and think well you lost this one. If your girl is mature confident (part of your ensuring she is) she will skip to and it's all good

    • Yea there's no problem there. I was looking it up and apparently this is the behavior of a text book sociopath. I gotta say, I've never seen anyone get that unhinged before. It's creepy.

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  • WOW, ummm welll... she's crazy but al girls can get a little crazy, i would say she could be hormonal but that could be an excuse, Not sure. The best thing to do is ignore her change your phone number and move on. Sad to say but some girls can get that way if they dont know what they want. Any who Block her on Facebook and start over with ya new girl.

  • Crazy chick block her


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