Ex girlfriend= BITCH?

My 3 year girlfriend just broke up with me!

2 weeks ago was my anniversary and my ex organised a surprise party for me and she invited all my family!
Everything was going great, we moved in a new appartement we did the painting and shit... you know girl stuff hahaha (i'm realizing how lame it sounds)
Anyways... next day after my anniversary we did a bbq at her mothers place and we spent a wonderfull day!
Without having an argument or no conflict my ex stopped talking to me that night without an single explanation... so i leaved her alone because i tought she has problems at work and she's stressed so i thought i'll give her a day or two to breathe...
5 days later she still wouldn't speak to me so she kind of put me in a defensive position so i wouldn't talk to her until she apologizes or something!
Friday she comes home from work she sits on the couch and tells me: We have to talk! so i said you god damn right we have to talk, what's up with you beeing such a bitch?
She tells me:i want you to leave the house"appartement"!
I said: what? what the hell is wrong with you?
And she tells me that she has health problems and she thinks she can have babys and she doesn't want me to be unhappy with her and bullshit (i don't belive a word)
Imidiatly i became offensive i told her:listen, i don't know what the hell got you but i'm not leaving anywhere... i you have a problem just pack your shit and leave, i don't have any problem so why should i leave!
But first i wanted to know what's wrong how come you just stopped talking like that and then you decide you want me gone? WTF
And then she started all kind of talking that i don't have a job!
Just so you guys know i started my own business which begins to pay so i pay my share in the house!
The rent is paid she has everything she needs!
Anyways... what do you guys think?
Similar experiences?
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No i don't want to fix nothing with her...
She's a bad person and she doesn't deserves me!
I'm younger, good looking man (bodybuilder type)
My only mistake was to be too nice to her


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What Girls Said 1

  • Neither. You're being a meany towards her and you're coming off a bit as an asshole.
    I do agree that what she was telling you was bullshit! Yal aren't going to leave each other not after all that at least not right now. Do you want to fix things with her?

    • Hey thanks for the "asshole" i never talked to her like that, it's only on this blog to get my nerves out!
      I respect womens a lot!

    • Ahhh I get it. Didn't mean to offend you :(

What Guys Said 1

  • Women who don't know what they want in their lives...


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