Gah finally talking with my ex!?

Just so you know, i've been trying to get her back ever since she left. No, i didn't cheat.. i made my insecurities get the best of me. I really want to get back to where we left off, you girls out there have any opinions as to why she would start talking to me after she said she did want to do or have anything with me again? any tips on how to get her back?


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  • TAKE IT SLOW!!! I did this, went too fast and we were back right apart!! I promise you won't regret it. Make it as though you were JUST getting to know each other. Do sweet shuttle things such as flowers, dinner, walks, daycations, picnics. Remind her how beautiful she is ALL the time. Don't let a day go bye without saying that!! I don't know if your sexually active but of you are with her, TRY YOUR HARDEST not to be. When guys do that it gives a confirmation on how you respect her and it isn't just about sex to you. But please take it slow you won't regret it!!


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