What's Are reasons you would contact an ex for if you are currently in a relationship? (Ladies only)?

my ex and I have been broken up for 6 months. She has been dating a high school friend for about a month now and calls or textes me a couple times a week. She siad she doesn't love her new bf? I do want her back what are her reasons for contacting me?


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  • she is probably testing the waters with you to see if you would take her back. doesn't want to risk the break up with her current bf if she isn't sure you will. Dont let her know you will. She should make the decision to break it off with her current bc she isn't in love not because she knows she can be with you. Just listen to her and give her advice like well if you dont feel for him then you shouldn't continue leading him on or wasting each others time.


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  • To make sure you are well. To keep up with your status. To know she still can count on you.

    Just be 100% honest. That's what relationships are about!!

    Tell her you still have a degrees of feelings for her. There's no use of playing games. Be frugal yet caring.

    Good luck !!

    Message me if you need more advice!

  • the reason she might be contacting you might be because she knows you well

    • She does know me well... We were together for 3 years and lived together for 3... But what the meaning of her contacting me? Or is there things I should do or say to make her make a chose between me and this new guy

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