Why does my ex treats me badly when I was so good to him?

me and my child's father dated for two years and then broke up in February a couple weeks after our anniversary. we broke up because I was tired of arguing with him about the same thing. after being without him for a couple weeks I missed him and honestly I still love him even though he's an asshole. Every since the break up he has been very nasty towards me and in April he started dating someone else , however I didn't care I couldn't let go cause I thought we had something. Well we had ups and downs in this break up and he has bragged to me about his new relationship multiple times. Knowing that it hurts me obviously. recently he started ignoring my text, and phone calls; and his mothers. remind you we do have a kid together also and he lives in a differ city. So I made a mistake me my cousin and the baby went to his city to see him. well we did finally see him and we shouldn't have but we spent a night in his apartment (student housing) he has roommates. that night I slept with him like an idiot and the next morning was hell to my surprise his girl shows up that I thought he wasn't with anymore and starts yelling at him throwing his stuff. me and the baby left after all of this. I get home he text me how much he loves her and that he wants to marry her and that she makes him a better man (which I do not see) my question is why is he behaving this way and why does he want to rub his new relationship in my face? also he isn't being a father at all and today I think he changed his number so I can't contact nor his mom or sisters he blocked us everywhere... is he on drugs? lol


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  • It doesn't sound like he is on drugs at all. It doesn't sound like he cares about you at all. He slept with you simply because you were there and he could. The fact he had a girlfriend just means that he doesn't really hold women in particularly high regard.

    He is behaving the way he does because he doesn't care about you, and you keep trying to contact him. He doesn't want you in his life, so you continuously contacting him would be pissing him off. Ignoring your texts, blocking your number? It doesn't get much more blatant than that.

    The fact that you were good to him is irrelevant, really. If a guy doesn't care about a woman, her being good to him or indifferent to him isn't going to change his opinion one way or another. If he doesn't care about you as a person (as his actions imply this), being nice doesn't cause him to suddenly care, he just will see it as a way to get benefits that he wants. He is thinking about himself, clearly, and so your actions aren't seen as 'acts of love', they are seen as 'what can I get out of this'.

    He is incredibly selfish, clearly. He is concerned first and foremost with himself and with satisfying his own needs and desires. Unfortunately, that doesn't include you. Well, fortunately, really, because he sounds like an asshole - to only unfortunate part here is that you care for him at all.

    Start going through whatever you have to do to get some child support out of this guy if you haven't already, because he most definitely doesn't care for you in any romantic sense.


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