Why does my ex gf keep texting me out of the blue sometimes? It would be about something so random too.

My ex gf and I dated for 3 years and she broke it off because of distance. My heart was/is still broken. Its been 10 months since that happened. She visited me this summer.. we had a lovely time but she didn't want to reconcile like I thought she would want. I told her we should move on but she still texts me.. why?


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  • Is she texting you like a friend would, trying to keep a friendship going?
    Or is it the same kind of talk from when you guys were together?

    • Like as if we are together.

    • Then you need to make her realize that's NOT okay.
      If you two want to remain friends, boundaries have to be set. You can't talk to each other like you used to. It'll hurt too much and it won't be a real friendship. It'll be something else that's good for no one.

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