Can someone please help me with this? It might be long but I am really hurting?

So there is this guy that I was with and we have really liked each other for a very long time. But my parents made him break up with me. I think that it is dumb because I am almost 18. I will be 18 in like two months. But the thing is we have no communication. But that is not the problem he tells my best friend that he is still in love with me. And he told her to let me know that he is going to wait for me. But what if he doesn't? I am like heart broken. If anyone wants to know more details or knows how to help me message me? I know you all will probably say your young there are other guys out there. But I have really liked him for two years and I have tried going out with other guys but it didn't work. I only love him.


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  • Sounds like he still wants to be with you. It'll probably be fine.

    Why did your parents make him break up with you?

    • Because they want me to only pay attention to school. They won't even let me hang out with friends. I already have straight A's its annoying!

    • I know how you feel I've been there done that but mine broke up with me about 6 months ago but its a long story. I understand how you feel and where you are coming from my dad is kind of overprotective of me when it comes to me wanting hang out with boys.

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  • We are not your therapist


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