Does my ex boyfriend want me back after 9 months?

Its been 9 months since my ex dumped me. we were sort of each other's first loves I guess, or first serious relationship.. he broke up with me for stupid reasons and began to date this girl 2 months later. recently he messaged me on Facebook asking how I was doing and stuff, I ended the conversation short because I wasn't sure whether he was trying to fuck with my feelings or genuinely asking about me. today I asked why he messaged me (in person), he looked me in the eye and told me he broke up with his girlfriend...

his ex always hated me and seemed jealous of me, I don't know why since I've done nothing to her and I've moved on from my ex, but she continues to try and bring me down...

now i'm wondering, why did he message me in the first place? could he possibly still have feelings for me after all those months? did he just realize that she wasn't the one for him and now he wants me back?

by the way, after the breakup, he seemed hurt the first few months and later on became very rude, hurtful and mean towards me. he'd always have his eyes on me in the halls and laugh behind my back, and i personally thought it was cause he saw how "well" i moved on and how "easy" it was for me to get over him. (which it wasnt, but i acted like it until it truly was)



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  • He's an asshole. Move on and don't worry about him!!

    He has some years for him to mature some. Please don't waste your time. He thinks that he can get you just like that and he shouldn't! I say keep doing you!!

    Much love, goodluck !!


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