? Why do woman do things like this?(ladies only please)?

Me and my ex were together for 3 years! We lived together for 2. We broke up over an argument that went to far. We have been broken up for about a 6 months now. A month ago she told me she was still in love with me and still thinks about me all the time but she was gonna date a high school friend. So I told her that we couldn't be friends and she cried and siad she didn't want to lose me and she didn't want to be nothing to me. i told her id try. It's been a month and I don't think I can be friends because I'm still in love with her and it drive me crazy thinking about them. Got a call from her a few days a go in the morning asking how I was doing I keep it short under 2 min. She texted me 30. Min later she texted me"was it wrong that I called" I asked do you care about me? She siad " I do care" I asked if she has romantic feelings for me anymore she siad "I dont want to admit that" I siad true loves doesn't fade..."she siad "trust me I know" I asked if she loved her new bf "she siad "No" I said I am done with the games how do you feel? She siad "I care about someone (me) that I don't think I can be with" I live in Cali right now she lives in ga but I'm moving back in 2 months and haven't told her... So my questions ladies is what is she think or what does she want from me. Should I tell her I'm moving back? What should I do I'm so confused?
She 22 and I'm 28 and she knows that I have changed for the better. I got a lucrative job and changed my bad habits "smoking"


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  • She still loves u but she is scared to re commit to u as she thinks it won't work out, there are still issues that caused u to break up that are hindering her

    • as a woman... What would you like your ex to do in this type of situation. She knows I'm still in love but I feel like im being used as a fall back! How do I reassure! Do I say being friends or go nc to let her miss me or what?

    • It would depend on why we broke up in the first place. If I felt there was hope I'd like him to keep pursuing me and try to talk it over. If I was done I'd want him to leave me alone

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  • How about you just tell her how you feel. I knew so cliche but seriously. Come on your 28, tell her the reason why. If she CRIED trust me she's just as much still in love with you!!

    • Sorry but women cry over everything, I would know because sometimes I cry about dumping my first boyfriend 3 years ago, but that doesn't mean I still love him, because I very much do not.

      I'd say that if you're like me and you are too laid back to get into it and sort it out, then just leave her be and make your own path, find another girl.

      If you really think that she wants to be with you then go for it, but be prepared for it to not work out again.

    • No offense, but that's some crazy shit. But to each it's own. Someone from 3 years ago?

      I understand the laid back part but this is this woman's life. If you're living with someone I think its tots different.

  • She still likes you but she's scared. lol confront her


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