After 5 months broke up Why does my ex bf block then unblock and block me again until now?We aren't friend on facebook?

A year of relationship then I broke up with him 5 months ago because I found out that he has gf who has been dating with him more than me 6 months. His gf also knew about this at the same time with me.
She talked to me that he never look happy with her like he was with me in every photos.
Yes it was a terrible time for me.
After this situation he blocked me on Facebook then unblocked me.
Then he blocks me again. So I used my friend's Facebook account and I saw they posted and tagged many things to each other.
Before that they never did this before. That was why I never know that he has gf.
Until now he still blocks me and using a photo with his gf on the cover photo.
It was long time already. I am already getting better even I still miss him but I never bother him and we will never be able to see each other in real again anyway.
But the way he blocks me just bother me so much.
I dont understand why? Does he block me because he doesn't want me to see their photos together?
or what? pls can anyone explain this behavior?
anyone has this experience?


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  • may be he don't want to keep in touch with you?

    • I never contact with him after the breaking up and we aren't even friend on Facebook anyway

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    • I guess he blocks me as well.
      Also I am not suppose to talk to him again because of he is still with his gf

    • OMG that's bad

What Girls Said 1

  • yes, I had that happen for two years. This guy I broke up with would block then unblock me every few weeks, and the police department told me it's a way of continuing to keep track of me. He's cyber stalking you by blocking and unblocking. Search for this article on gizmodo. com (the site won't let me post the link). It's called "The Devious, Unstoppable Way to Stalk People on Facebook"


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