Is mobile, cars or games gadgets like wives for guys that why they do not let us touch them or is it they are cheating?

My bf grab his mobile from me when I teasing him of checking his mobile..
do it mean what I m thinkin of..
is it a sign of cheating?
well.. we were just talking casually when he remove his mobile to comb his hair with z reflection... then i grab his mbl.. n then said... let me check a bit what's on ur mobile.. i said that casually like teasing him but he , i think, took me seriously...
he got upset n tried his best to take back his mobile from my hands.
then i asked, what could have happend if i check..
he give me z excuse of za his cousin put a mark on his mobile and do not want me to also as am quite clumsy
but it has been annoying me z way he has trapped his mobile from my hands. i felt like he is surely hiding something
but on the other part, im thinking... for guys, their mobiles, cars and other games gadgets are like their first wives. could it be that this is z case here. that why he did not let me have his mobile.
what do u think?


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  • Hm... would you like it if he took your phone? :P
    Generally speaking, nobody like people snooping arround on their phone; could be because said nooping have for some time (at least where i'm from) often been followed by teasing. Consider the phone an extention of someones' mind. You wouldn't appreciate if someoen "broke inn" to your mind, and snooped arround.
    So freaking out when snagging his phone from his hands, not a sign of anything going on.

    But yeah, generally guys does not like when people touch their electronics (pc, phone, gaming consolle etc) without permission...

    • thks for ur view :) well.. maybe you're right. but there is nofin za proves ur point naa...

    • please, for the love of god, GRAMMAR pelase.

      that aside, there's nothing that proves your point either (just saying). You have tons of posibilities, but you chose to focus on the bad one because that's what you fear (and fear triggers your brain harder). I know you're worried, and i can totally understand you.
      Here's a tip; does he react that way when others take his phone, or does he only hide it for you? If he's reacting that way when for example his younger brother/sister tries to snoop on it, it's just that he's posessive of his phone. If he's ok with everyone reading it (that means parents/siblings. Bros does NOT count), then he's probably trying to hide something. COuld be he's cheating, but could be a big date he's planning too (just saying); you don't know.

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