Broke up with my ex but want him back?

My ex broke up with me two months ago because I cut myself. We spoke on the phone just over a week ago and he said that he misses me, we spoke for about two hours like normal. We spoke about me cutting (I haven't cut since) and if we got back together and split, he doesn't want to be responsible if I did something even more worse! Even though I know I wouldn't.
A few nights after the phone call, he went out with his friends and he said that he loves me. His friend told me to text him and I did but he didn't reply.
We haven't spoken since that call except when I went to his work (a shop) and my little sister was at his till.
I miss so much, I can't stop thinking about him and it's annoying. What should I do? I still love him as well. Do I message him?
Don't say move on because I've been trying so hard!
I've been so horny and a few guys want to sleep with me but I don't want to do anything else with anyone other than my ex. A guy tried to kiss me and it felt wrong so I pushed him away :/
I've been really horny but I really don't want to sleep with anyone else other than him. What should I do?


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  • just go and tell him he will appreciate that , and If he really loves you he will fight for you to get back to him

    • I've text him saying that I miss and love him. do I tell him that I don't want I sleep with anyone else other than him?

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  • I have always believed that just because two people Break Up doesn't mean that can't Make Up Or that it means----Goodbye forever, my love. And in your case, this is a perfect example of when giving a relationship another chance in love just might Be the ticket to another New beginning. However, it may not happen over nite, but he Has said what's on his mind, told you his honest heartfelt feelings and now----It's your turn to take the train and turn it in a different direction.
    Give him a call, tell him you would like very much to have a serious pep talk about your breaking up, what you both could possibly Do to make things different, make things Better and that if he comes back, and even if he doesn't-------No more cutting... You Just want a Clean Start to Begin your Beguine over again.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you! I don't really know whether I want to call him as I'll get nervous or maybe he doesn't want to talk. We spoke about the break up on the phone a week ago. I don't know what to say if I text him or anything :(

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    • Okay, I won't message him. Thanks :)

    • Okay, sweetie... Just leave things for now, you tried... xx

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  • Anything can happen, but based on the info you give, his actions don't suggest that he's interested in getting back together with you.

    To be honest, dealing with a cutter can seem like a chore ESPECIALLY if he's a teenage boy. Not only is cutting physically unattractive, but it's DANGEROUS. You could end up killing yourself... for what... a temporary release? -_- You want a painful temporary release, take up kickboxing, do some intense gym workouts... at least those things are healthy and good for you in repetition.

    What should you do? Get your self together before you get back together with him. It's really unfair to dump your emotional mess on him or put him in a situation where he has to be on his P's and Q's or his girlfriend is going to cut herself. Fix your issues then reproach a relationship with him.

    • I don't cut anymore. The thought of it disgusts me. I haven't since we broke up. I'm much more stronger now than ever.

  • How about you work on you for a sec sweetheart. A week isn't a long time it may feel like it. There's a reason why you WERE cutting yourself and you should talk to someone about that.

    He seems like a really sweet person. Tell him that you miss him and want to be there for him. Once you've done that it's his choice because you know what you want. If he agreed then awesome!! But you know that you need to talk out your problems instead of resulting to that!! If not he's not the guy for you!!

    Please message me if you need to talk!! Don't hesitate!!!

    • I haven't cut in over two months. I know why I did it and now just thinking of cutting myself is disgusting! I don't feel like I need to cut anymore.
      I hate not being able to talk to him. He said to give him time but I don't want to waste time we'll never get back. How do I message him? Say something like 'hey I miss you'. I don't want to annoy him :( thanks

    • Well that's great !!!

      If he said give him time you have to respect that. I know what you're thinking that he may forget about you but I don't think he won't. If you can't be patient. Call him probably on a Sunday and tell him how you feel!!
      Good luck !!

    • Okay thanks

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