My first breakup. How do I cope with breaking up?

I was with this person for almost 2 years, but he suddenly broke up with me because I was annoying him for, he said, several weeks now. He has blocked my number and blocked me on fb. He says I assumed too much about him. At first he told me we could only be acquaintances, and kept me on fb. After awhile I turned off his posts coming into my news feed.

I tried talking with him through messenger a couple times just to make casual conversation. I emailed a letter to him before this but he didn't respond. He ignored me through messenger and just deleted me entirely.

I guess I am hurt, but I don't understand why he wanted to be acquaintances to begin with , and just kept me on a social media site. We never had an argument until he found me "increasingly annoying". He didn't tell me something was wrong. Yet I feel so guilty like I'm the one who was the problem.


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  • you could always just go fuck another dick? that usually helps sluts

    • What is wrong with you? Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bloody bed this morning...

    • Uh not a slut, but thanks for the advice I guess.

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  • I think he isn't worth you... he made a big deal out for nothing. Even if you were annoying to him how he treated you was not right, I think.

    • Thanks for the advice. I know he isn't really worth it, but trying to cope with my guilt is worse. I guess blaming myself is making it less bearable.

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    • Hope you find a guy who treats you right next time...

    • Thank you.

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  • Were calling him a lot and trying to hang out with him a lot?

    • Were you calling him a lot and trying to hang out with him a lot?

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    • I guess you're right. Maybe I'm lucky he ended it. I'm just upset because I know he can be a decent guy at times. I made all the meeting arrangements. I just get confused on the term alcoholic because everyone has a different opinion on it. When I talk with him, he makes it sound like he does it for fun and enjoys being drunk. Do you know if anything makes them snap out of it?

    • There is really nothing to make any snap out of alcoholism except for a hard dose of reality once the reach the bottom usually. Alcoholism they refer to it as a disease. But in reality it's a addiction just like drugs or smoking and people can't just snap out of a addiction.

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