How to tell if your ex secretly still cares about you or not?

hi my names sandra I'm 19 years old and i was deeply in love with my ex i dated in high school for a year 1\2 we both were in love to the point that we would get jealous on the daily basics a lot yes i know its not healthy to be very jealous but thats how it was and when i graduated from high school he started acting different he was seeing someone else and dumped me for her , he was still in younger than me. the last thing he told me was the reason why he dumped me was because she lets him do whatever he wants and that i want a man but he's just a boy. i was cool with his mother so she told him i was seeing someone else after the break up and he got really jealous. so a year has passed. i have not spoken with him since the break up and he goes to my college now and the first time i saw him on campus he didn't make any eye contact with me but my friend says he was staring at me really serious when i had my back turned on him and also once while i was eatting with guy friends he passes by with his friends from hs and they all start laughing and smiling and i know it was because of me. And this last Thursday he passed by with a girl"his friend" and he had his arm around her and the whole time he passed in front of me he was red as a tomato looked straight ahead and avoided my eye contact. they both seemed a little nervous. but the times that he's seen me I'm always around guys so i kinda feel like he was trying to get me jealous.
does my ex really care about what i think of him? does he regret dumping me? or is he just a fucking dickhead.


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  • I have always said that just because two people Break up, doesn't mean they can't Make up, and that it is: Goodbye forever, my life. I also have found that with an 'EX', X marks their Spot in your heart. In your case, he has someone he seems to be 'arming,' and most likely was surprised, Awkward to see that you are in his college, and that he was caught even with---His hand in someone else's cookie jar, sweetie.
    It's been a long time, you both have had No Contact since the split, which is telling me It was a clean break... in this scenario anyways. You both have gone your separate ways, moved on, and he probably was just taken back to the fact where: "Wow, what is my EX doing here at my school now? What does she have in mind?" May have freaked him out a bit.
    No, I believe that he doesn't care enough to even have Asked to be friends, with or without benefits, and with no In 'Touch' of Any sort, he doesn't have 'any regrets of dumping me,' for if he did------He would have had his arm around you instead... And I do not mean in school.
    Forget about him. You have a new life starting. Try to avoid him like yesterday's news. From what I can see, he is trying to be his own 'Man,' and his mature decision was Not to lead you on, even after his Dumping departure, and has just Continued his life as a little boy in a candy store.
    Good luck. xx

  • " they all start laughing and smiling and i know it was because of me:"

    You can't assume that. Either you have evidence that it is or you are guessing. Don't guess.

    My bets is he is trying to make you jealous and the girl knows he cares about you and is trying to change that.

    I say move on. He is very immature.


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