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I bought Dr. Fone and found hundreds of calls logged to "my number" and they all have a duration of 0 seconds. These phone calls which showed my number also had a + in front of my number. There were a few times I believe it was really me because there was no + and the calls were longer. This is the second time I have Dr. Foned him so I know he was wise and thus protected himself and I would like to know if anyone knows what app he may be using. If he would just tell the truth, that would be nice, too.


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  • Can you please clarify what dr fone is? I'm not clear what your question is.

    • It's a program that retrieves all messages, call logs, galleries, documents, whether they have been deleted or not.

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  • So he's cheating on you with you? What is Dr Fone?

    • no, I think he's got an app that's showing my number in case I were to look at his phone. He does not call me 50 to a hundred times a day, yet his phone is saying he does.

    • So he's got an app that shows your phone number when you go through his phone?

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  • I think you're an air headed idiot that wasted her money on an app that was poorly written to barely cover up the lie that is its claim.

  • wtf is that?


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