How do you know when your relationship should end or not?

Hitting the 3 month mark. Sometimes I have doubts but I don't know if that is normal or not. Help?


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  • 3 month is still a honeymoon period, enjoy.

    • It don't feel like a honeymoon. I feel like we are much closer than that emotionally. I see his flaws and I don't think he's perfect. Sometimes he annoys me but sometimes I really enjoy being around him.

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    • He whines about little inconveniences like being stuck in traffic but he gets over it. I do the same thing a lot but in the relationship I feel like I am making more effort to be the best version of myself while he acts more natural

    • So you're complaining he's acting more like ''feminine'' by whining small matters?
      That makes sense.. you want someone who's emotionally stable..

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