I'm too fragile after my breakup, can anyone relate?

I am incredibly depressed.

My best friend in the entire world broke up with me in May, and it was mostly my fault. I'm so lonely because we were really close best friends before we were even together, and now we can't be friends like we used to. I feel so lonely and that I have no one who truly cares about me (besides my parents). Its the worst feeling in the world, my confidence is shaken and I feel like something is seriously wrong with me. I know I'm a great catch, but its hard to really keep that in mind when no one wants me in a real way.

A new guy I've been talking to seemed to really like me, we didn't have sex or anything and hung out a couple times, but he recognized we had a great connection and said that my personality and intelligence is super attractive. Also, that I'm not like "other girls" in a good way.
I was like HELL YEAH, I can finally move on and be happy, someone like me for me! I couldn't even explain how happy I was.. but unfortunately he cancelled on our date and disappeared from thin air (he was really busy with college work). But now he never responds to my messages so I stopped trying to contact him after the second time.

Other guys that talk to me are really sexual and I can tell that sex is all they want from me, which I will never give to them. It's horrible.
How am I supposed to move on and feel worthy if someone disappeared like that? There has to be something wrong with me.. And just so you know I was never desperate with any of these guys, I played it cool and slow.

Has anyone felt this hopeless after a breakup? And why do guys disappear?
I feel like it's going to be impossible to find a guy that cared as much as my ex did.. :(


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  • With the way you described yourself you seem to be a confident independent woman. I agree that we need someone besides us to love but I think the keyword applicable here for you is 'wait'. Because good things take time to happen. And don't be upset after getting some shit from some immature assholes as they gave you what many get in their later stages of life the lesson of whats not made for you. And keep that not giving sex promise to yourself intact because ts totally worth it. Good luck. :-)


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  • Taking the world population into consideration, it's highly unlikely that it's impossible to find a guy who cares as much, albeit it will not be the same, and the "finding" procedure is based more on luck than anything else.

    • the finding part is what I'm having trouble with. I'm not the most sociable person in the world.

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    • I prefer to date guys who are more introverted than me, but who enjoys the "home" atmosphere and just relaxing together. My ex was more of an extrovert than me, it helped my mood and got me out if my comfort zone. It's a shame that most of those extroverts are huge players, calling me at 12:00am to join them at a party.. But that could be a result of this generation. 😒

    • Who are more extroverted* NOT more introverted. Typo.

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