Girl code- does it exist?

I caught my (now ex) boyfriend texting some random chick he met online. He opened a text while I was behind him and I saw the convo and asked him about it. He admitted to texting her.

I memoried her number right away and texted her from my own phone saying, "he's my boyfriend, we live together. Please do us both a favore and discontinue your budding relationship until after I kick his a$$ out of our home."

She responded, "I don't care if he's your boyfriend, I'm going to f*ck him anyways."

He admitted to everything. And they planned on hooking up within 15 minutes of meeting online. And they did hook up the day after. (Which is why he is now my ex boyfriend.)

Apparently that one encounter was enough for him. He wants nothing more from her, but her response was shocking.

Is girl code dead? Or has it ever existed?

I would have stopped talking to the guy. I wouldn't have even felt it was my place to confront him, especially since they barley knew each other online.

I told her she can have him. He's a cheater anyways but to be a woman and get her mans shit out of my house. She said she doesn't want him but still calls him.

Side note-she got arrested for taking a 600 cab ride that she couldnt pay for to try to go see a guy. She called my ex to bail her out or pay the cab fare. Yeah right, this chick is paycho.


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  • We don't have a code. But one thing we do have is respect. I'm glad he's your ex !!


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  • Code or no code, a bitch is a bitch, and I'd say that's exactly what that other girl is.


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  • It has always existed and still does but some girls are whores (as well a guys but this is not a post about guys) and they disregard girl code.

    • Oh God. You guys would have been horrified to hear the voicemails I got from this chick, while at work, informing me that her and my ex will be spending the night at my house. Ughhhh... no.

      Is it legal to chock a bitch if she is in your home against your wishes? I'm just playing. I don't condone violence but I hope he's gotten the picture about sleeping with random Bitches. She's turning into a stalker. He got a voice mail from her yesterday saying that she will go to the city he works weekends in and wait for him to get off work. Her parents kicked her out and I have a feeling she thinks my ex is going to be captain save a h*e.

    • Haha. That's fucking hilarious. Karma's a bitch.

  • Yup girl code exists. Like not fucking your bets friends boyfriend is girl code. In her case you don't know each other so you don't have girl code as a rule. But if I was her and knew he was in a relationship, I wouldn't want to fuck him anymore. But that's just me


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