How do I get my ex again?

how do i get him to like me again? Also give me sexual advice.


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  • Honey if you want to know the truth, women's have 1 brain in their heads , but men's have 2 brain one in head and other between the leg the dick, when it comes to women , it they cannot decide on one because their are 2 brains , dick wants the one which is sexy and hot with pleasure , and real brain wants the lovely, admirable, beautiful one , the trick is to figure out with which brain the boy is thinking at that moment because the thinking from actual brain and dick change time to time according to conversation , surrounding etc. If you want to make him think from brain meet him alone and sober, you want him to think with his dick , add some alcohol. Baby right now I am thinking with my dick that is why I am splashing this key into your hands.

    Just play along with brain which he is using at the moment if brain , use lovely quotes and inspiring thoughts, if he is using dick get naughty and play dirty.

  • Sexual? Open ur ass :D Whats ur problem with urself at this age? First grow


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