Is it finally time to move on?

I broke up with my BF 5 weeks ago, we dating for a year. I thought he was loosing interest me, broke up suddenly on the phone after spending that entire day and kissing him goodbye. He felt back stabbed and I was VERY wrong the way I handled it. He has refused to talk to me. A few days after the breakup I called him and had a long heated discussion. I blamed him a lot. I texted him again a week later with a school question. He was not friendly to me. I began to realize our relationship ending was mostly my fault, that I had gotten nervous about his feelings for me and began to back away, then he began to back away in response my behavior. I texted him 2 weeks after break up because I wanted to tell him it had been my fault. I asked if I could call him to talk and he just kept saying "maybe or I don't know" I tried calling him the next night, didn't answer. texted him the next night he did answer but not very friendly. I told him I would not contact him again if he heard me out. I called him, he listened but said nothing. I asked if he would ever forgive me or ever be friends. He said " I don't know".

We started school and he refused to speak me or look at me. Mutual friends told me he was really hurt and felt betrayed the way I broke up with him. 3 weeks after the break up I missed talking to him and stupidly texted one of his buddies for advice. I told him do NOT contact my ex but did anyway. He told friend " why should I give a shit if she misses me?" The same night he took our "couple" pictures off media, ( he still had his up) , posted comments on media about crazy ex's wanting him back.

I decided I had enough, have not talked or looked at him for past 2 weeks, told his friends I want nothing to so with him. I still miss him but will not contact him again. Don't know why I contacted him I was NOT a clingy GF during relationship. Is he still hurt or hates me and moved? What's a reasonable time to wait? Will no contact help or is it too late?
I don't want to date him now, even of he was willing to talk to me. Too much has happened. I might consider it in the future, he was a good boyfriend. But I would like to be his friend. We were good friends before we dated. I feel about horrible this
I'm thankful for any opinions I get but was especially looking for guys point of view on the situation.


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  • You need to give him space and time if you want to be friends with him. He needs to be able to move on and heal. Then you may have a shot at being able to talk to him again. I think you need to do the same, move on. And see how it goes from there.

    • He actually texted me last night for the first time. He said he was sorry
      and wasn't mad at me anymore. The sad thing is his family is moving in a couple of months to be closer to his relatives in another part of the country. Maybe we'll be friends

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