I was madly in love with my girlfriend of 2 and a half years and she left me end of April and i've been a mess and can't get over her. help?

i was madly in love with my girlfriend and she left me with some excuse about it's easier now than in the summer. anyway i was heartbroken and have been a mess for five months and been in hospital and done other things i regret. to make matters worse i found out a week ago that the chemistry tutor i arranged for her back at Christmas because she was struggling and i thought i would help her out. well turns out she pretty much left me for him she's 18 and he's a 31 year old teacher and has been with him for the past three and a half months and had my friends and her friends lie to me the whole time. i feel so pathetic and inadequate because well how do you compete with a 31 year old. the only thing which makes it better is the fact im 6 4 and he is smaller than her so she can't even wear heels, thats how pathetic i am. anyway i'm still so in love with her and can't get over how beautiful she is like seeing a picture actually upsets me because im just constantly blown away by her. i was never half as attractive as she was but i loved her beyond belief. now all the effort i made for her all the love i gave her all the times we had together will seem so shit compared to what this guy can give her. he has a house a car he's older he has money, like now shell just not think anything of our relationship or me and i just feel so shit and inadequate compared. even sexually liek ill seem inadequate, i mean the guys been at it 15 years longer than me and i just can't stand how beautiful she is and how crap everything with me will be compared to him and how shell now think so little of me and i go to university in a week and im a mess and i dont know what to do so im begging for help.


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  • You know, it took me one whole damn year to get overy ex boyfriend of 2 years and really start dating someone new comfortably. I understand how you are feeling now. Buy dude, life has to move on whether you like it or not. I tried to keep myself busy with all kinds of activities I could do, so that I would not have time to think about him and feel pathetic for myself. And as time passed, I slowly realized the bad's he has done to me and I did not deserve that. I started to gain self-respect back bit by bit. You can never move on from the past until you respect yourself. No girl in this world or even her can truly make you happy. How can you love someone if you don't love yourself first. This is what I have learned... a hard way. I wish you would get pass it soon. I'm sure you will.


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  • You need to erase her existence from your life. Remove all photos of her. Remove her from Facebook, remove her name and number from your phone. Get rid anything that was hers or reminds you of her. Go out to a public place with lots of people and just look around at how many other women are out there!

    • she deleted me and i barely see her or any of it but ijust want her to realise how much of an effort i made for her like i may not have been the best looking guy around but i was her best friend for years and gave her as much love and attention as possible

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    • Have some faith in humanity!

    • hahaha you have a point

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  • You should convince yourself that she doesn't deserve you.

    • how the hell do you do that truth be told she probably doesn't i mean i ain't great looking but i couldnt have loved her more or made more of an effort and i just want her to think back and realise what i did for her and not think oh he's shit compared to this 31 year old dick

    • I understand this sucks. But eventually you have to move on.. Can you get her back? You can't.. So trying to find some positivity in her leaving you could help

    • i guess so but i just can't stand how little she must think of me and what we had and the idea of her with some much better bloke hurts like hell, wheres the positivity there isn't any i can see

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  • She is a whore. Think about all the bad things about her. Disgust yourself with her. That will help you.

    • but she isn't she broke up with me and went off with another guy okay he's 13 years older and all his students say he's some creepy midget but she didn't cheat on me and she isn't a whore. tbh thinking about her sleeping with him makes me sick and feel terrible so i can't sorry budd

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