Could it be true that an ex is still around only due to physical sexually attraction?

My ex has told me before we can only be friends right now (I hurt him) but we still have tines when we are along together we seem to hug and fool around. I've told him before than why hug me kiss me etc he says "all we have is sexually tension still built up" but to me that can't be true.. is it? You have to have some form of feelings still there.. guys please help
One day he saw me talking to a guy and he got jealous but wldnt tell me what was wrong until I got it out of him and he said he was bothered by it but he doesn't have the right to tell me anything anymore


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  • Nope, for guys sex can be just that, sex. No feelings have to be involved. Now whether or not that's case with your ex, only he knows for sure. But the fact that he's an ex and you're giving it up for him, will certainly be enough reason for him to stick around.

    • So you mean he's only around because i give him sex?

    • That's definitely a possibility.

    • I told him yest "tell me you just dnt care about me" he said "i cnt" but you've hurt n I dnt trust you...:(

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  • He told you how he felt he thinks that it is sexual, it's not love it's just his penis needed attention and you happened to be there at the time when he wanted it and you happen to be available


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