How do you stop checking a guy's facebook?

I Haven't in about 3 months now cause I am really trying to get over him. We don't talk and he doesn't even live in my city anymore so there is no point of torturing myself by looking through his Facebook

but how do I get rid of that urge?


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  • Block Him, sweetie, that's One way to skin a cat, and to stop being this Curious George. I've done it myself and I can tell you it Does work, Definitely Helps and also 'Helps'-----Stop you from Peeking and Point of torturing.:)) xx

  • Don't stop. Continue to look at it til u burn urself out and get tired of looking at him. When u see him with someone else, that's most likely gonna help ur case. You'll find the next victim and repeat til u are taken off the market.


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