How do I get him off my mind?

My ex shattered my heart two weeks ago when he said he'd lost feelings for me. He's always on my mind. Everything I do makes me miss him. A lot of guys have been messaging me on Facebook and one of my ex's from 3 years ago just said he realized he messed up and wants us back together and try to make it work, but my ex is all I want. Hearing "you're gorgeous" is nice but it's not from my ex and I can't picture myself with anyone else. How do I stop thinking about him? I've tried going out with my girls, football games, camping, driving around town, hunting, and even hanging out with other guys and nothing seems to work.


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  • I guess time is the healing of all wounds. There is really nothing else if you are already trying to immerse yourself within activities. Just keep getting involved and doing things that make you not think of him for even a second.


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